Mental Clarity Inhaler

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Mental Clarity Inhaler:
Purest Essential Oils that you add to your O2E2 Water Bottle
In alcohol base for using as an inhaler in an aromatherapy diffuser or in the water bottle of an Oxygen Concentrator
Approximately 225 drops per bottle. 5-10 drops per session.


Benefit: Nerve tonic; clears the brain; nervous debility; nervous insomnia; loss of smell; uplifting; refreshing; energizing; anti catarrhal; antispasmodic; antiviral; balancing; general decongestant; cicatrizant; diuretic; emmenagogue; antidepressant; hepatic; digestive tonic; stimulant;

Benefit: Nerve stimulant; cephalic (brain) stimulant; energizes the brain; digestive tonic; digestive stimulant; aids in calming digestive problems such as indigestion; astringent; analgesic; antiseptic; anti inflammatory; antiviral; bactericide; carminative; cholagogic; hepatic; hormonal; hypertensive; mucolytic; refreshing; invigorating; pain reliever; tonic; cooling; calming; nausea; muscle pains; coughs; colds; relieves headaches.

Benefit: Nerve and muscle stimulant; energizes the brain; tonic; antiseptic; analgesic; diuretic; anti catarrhal; antispasmodic; bactericide; carminative; cicatrizant; expectorant; hepatic; hypertensive; mucolytic; refreshing; invigorating; insect repellent; poor circulation; headaches; aids concentration; sprains; strains; hair loss; dandruff; muscle aches.

Please Be Advised: Some do not do well with essential oils and can be allergic to them.
Health professionals are encouraged to investigate possible contraindications or sensitivities.

Before beginning any essential oils one should be skin tested individually first by applying it to the underarm skin and waiting 24 hours to see if redness appears indicating allergy.

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