Breathing Pattern Stablizer aka Blue Velcro Strap

SKU: MOM6000 $29.00
For children, non compliant or hard to teach adults, or more difficult breathing development cases that might include chronic anxiety or panic including phobias, or symptoms associated with asthma, high blood pressure, concentration, pain, lack of feelings of well being, poor sleep, difficulty speaking and some aspects of singing. By adding stability to one's nervous system it has been known to aid in emotional stabilization and/or resolution.

This strap stretches. It is wrapped around your upper chest and you wear it all day and/or while sleeping to gently offset the tendency of breathing too high into the upper chest.

It adds an additional physical reshaping of the rib cage and thus causes further re-balancing of the nervous system by forcing the breathing to be more parasympathetic. Ace bandages will not work for this.

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