Better Breathing Exercise #1

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Audio CD - 55 minutes A guided breathing development exercise and meditation to teach you to let go of tension and negativity, access your healing state, strengthen your relaxation response, and lengthen your breathing pause. A spoken guided breathing exercise with helpful drawings and background support of a world class collection of over 20 Tibetan musical instruments called singing bowls. Top quality stress relief. Let go of tension and worry like you never have before. It is the perfect introduction to breathing and stress management for someone who is extra concerned about quality and results.
Often chosen as a companion to Better Breathing Exercise #2.

Relaxation isn't just a state of mind. That's only part of it. The breath must be engaged and integrated with our thoughts. With this guided exercise your body will automatically initiate deeper easier breathing. This program teaches you the fundamental skills to learn how to relax your mind and body thereby reducing tension and worry. It will also help improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and the de-stress will help the immune system.

The copy on the tape cover says:

* Develop longer times between breaths, get more relaxed and in touch with body sensations
* Those who use EEG machines report a post exercise increase in alpha wave strength in the occipital and parietal regions of the brain.
* Help in lowering blood pressure
* Being able to rest more easily and deeply
* Better access your healing state
* Greatly aids chakra balancing
* Being more flexible in your thoughts and actions
* Handling change in a calmer fashion
* Practice and deepen auto-regulation
* Get more in touch with body sensations, feelings and emotions
* Improve kinesthetic sensing of breathing
* May or may not be helpful for those with sleep apnea

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